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Pennsylvania police hiding radar in
dump trucks. For more click here.
Beverly Garland Holiday Inn
Is now charging for parking. For more click here.
California Highway Patrol
is cracking down on speeding on I-10. For more click here.
Westin Hotels - January, 2006
All Westin Hotels now offer only non-smoking rooms. for more click here.
Flying J - Canada
to open fifteen new travel plazas. More here.
Reno Hilton - Reno, NV
The Reno Hilton has been sold and is now named the Grand Sierra Resort.
Atlanta, GA - Earthlink Live
has been renamed Center Stage Atlanta. See the directions here.
Need Biodiesel?
For drivers hoping to fill their tanks with biofuels there is a new biodiesel hotline and website available. Click here for more.
Bomb threats continue at Indiana Flying J
For the fourth time in less than three months, a Flying J in Indiana was the scene of a bomb threat Sunday, October 8th. For more click here.
Massachusetts may end most turnpike tolling  Most of the tolls on the 138-mile-long Massachusetts Turnpike may be eliminated before long. For more click here. Dammit Willie...
According to an email circulating across the Internet right now, it seems that the Louisiana State Police may be profiling tour buses. Read the email here...
Pilot Travel Centers, Inc.
has announced a new procedure for cash paying customers. Here is what I have learned.
Download the Ohio Highway Patrol memo stating that it is alright for entertainment coaches to travel the 65 mph speed limit on interstate highways outside urban areas.
Special thanks to Dave Evitts for this document.
The FBI names the 10 most dangerous cities in the United States. St. Louis ranks the highest. See the rest here. Authorities report multiple rock throwing incidents on U.S. highways. article here.
Crystal Gayle's bus stolen from it's Nashville parking spot. Escaped fugitive going to see his Mom. Read more here. According to a new Pennsylvania law motorists could be charged if snow coming from their vehicle causes injury or death. More here. A bill to restrict the use of cameras to ticket speeders in Ohio is nearing passage... Read the article here.

This bill was recently vetoed by Governor Bob Taft. Read the article here.
NTSB recommends ban on cell phone usage by bus drivers...
Is this discriminatory? You decide. Read the
article here.
New North Carolina law prohibits cell phone use by young drivers and may later spread to all drivers. Read the article here. Maryland - Statewide - May, 2006
You now must stop at all Maryland scales. I was issued a citation ... for more
click here.
Wisconsin Sheriff Tickets Self for Unsafe Lane Change. At least he is honest about it. Read more here. Illinois - Statewide - February, 2006
In a press release dated 2/6/2006, the state of Illinois stated that it will begin using high-tech vans... for more click here.
Philadelphia bus parking. Read the article here. Download a PDF file containing this information by clicking here.
The NTSB is blaming insufficient bearing lubrication for causing a fire that killed 23 bus passengers during a hurricane evacuation in 2005. Read more here. Also read my personal comments here. Affordable bus/truck parking now available in Annapolis, Maryland. Complete information here. Utah set to raise speed limits along with other safer driving measures. More here.
Kentucky - Interstate speed limits to increase to 70 MPH in certain areas. Read the article here. Dates set for 2007 CVSA Roadcheck. At last year�s Roadcheck, about 8,500 certified CVSA inspectors in North America conducted 60,357 truck and bus inspections. Read more here. The California Highway Patrol stopped the Britney Spears tour bus because of reckless driving paparazzi. Read the full report here.
See the new Eagle Model 25 motorcoach by clicking here. Truck involved in San Francisco Bay area bridge collapse had a long record of safety violations. Read the report here. Boston's Big Dig is still leaking. Only 800 leaks left to plug. Down from over 3,500 just three years ago. Read more here.
Increased traffic fines in Virginia to affect residents only. Read more here. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposes new fees for driving in Manhattan. Read more here.
Updated July 17th...  Mayor Bloomberg admits defeat with new intercity vehicle charges. Click here for the full AP report.
Connecticut legislators raise fuel tax by a whopping 11 cents per gallon. Click here for the full story.
XM and Sirius Satellite Radio announce new a la carte packages for subscribers. Read more here. Kentucky raises speed limits to 70 mph. Read more here. While Georgia drops theirs on part of I-75. Read more here.
From the 'now this is cool' department. New Hampshire town enacts toll revolt day. Read the details here. Utah considers doubling fuel tax. Read the report here. Updated June 30th... Indiana stiffens construction zone speeding fines effective July 1st. Read the report here.
Flying J Travel Centers to stop accepting Visa credit carts starting Friday, May 25th at 5 PM. Read the report here. While doing some research on the Microsoft Virtual Earth website I stumbled on a satellite image showing my coach sitting in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. See the details here. Busy Colorado tunnel to close for summer.
Two lanes of the Glenwood Tunnel on I-70 to close for crack repairs. Read
more here.
Georgia drops Highway Watch requirement for CDL renewal. More here. Illinois set to roll out camera vans again. For the second year in a row, Illinois is rolling out special enforcement camera vans to ticket speeders in construction zones. Read the details here. Killer bees descend upon New Orleans.
More here.
Pilot Travel Centers are no longer allowing Visa and Mastercard payment at pumps. A few bad apples... More here. New Jersey changes truck idling laws. There is however possibly a stipulation that will allow buses to idle for a short while.  Read more here. Need to park in downtown Atlanta? You can park here for $20 per day.
Wyoming to test variable speed limits between Rawlins and Laramie. More here. Colorado I-70 tunnel reopens. Glenwood springs tunnel now has one eastbound lane open. More here. XM Satellite Radio announces programming change. As of October 8th, Open Road 171 will become home to the Midnight Trucking Radio Network. More here.
Driver training rule coming soon. No more Commercial Drivers License issued without behind-the-wheel training. More here. Federal Court tosses the 11-hour driving rule and the 34-hour restart rule for truckers. Read the article here.

Update... Federal court gives FMCSA until just after Christmas to sort out hours-of-service regulations. More here.
California bans smoking in cars with kids. They join Arkansas and Louisiana with 20 other states looking at legislation. More here.
Massive crash closes California freeway... 100 vehicles involved in foggy Saturday morning pileup. More here. Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls on the rise. Trucks could pay as much as $200. More here. Arizona DOT to close I-17 rest area...
The rest area at Sunset Point to be closed for up to a year. More here.
Betcha didn't know this...
The State of Oregon requires drivers of  most bus/trailer combinations to hold a CDL Class A license.
More here.
California triples fines...
State to triple idling fines and prevent registration of trucks with outstanding pollution violations.
More here.
District of Columbia now requiring trip permits for out-of-area buses. More here.
XM / Sirius Satellite Radio announce pricing for a-la-carte services once their merger is completed. See the pricing structure here. Massachusetts and New Hampshire tolls to increase. Thanks go mostly to the Spalding Turnpike and the Big Dig. More here. Remember this the next time someone leaves your shades up. Man arrested for watching porn in car. More here.
Boston's Big Dig Project officially complete. Personally, I thought I would never live to see the day. More here. NY & NJ tolls may be on the rise...
All Hudson River crossings will be affected. This will be the first increase since 2001.
More here.
California truck idling limit begins January 1st. New law has no exemptions for sleeper time. More here.
California is clarifying speed limits...
New signage in the northern part of the state is more understandable the the old.
More here.
Hundreds of Siricomm WiFi hotspots have gone cold. Company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. More here. Sheraton hotel brands going completely smoke free. Seventy properties already smokeless. The rest are on the way. More here.
Documents soon to be required at all U.S. land border crossings... As of January 31, 2008, all persons crossing into the US from Canada will be required to have either a birth certificate and photo ID or a valid US Passport. More here. Download the printable PDF file of the District of Columbia Bus Permit Provisions here. Truck lane restrictions near St. Louis begin New Years Day. Between mile marker 221 and 227 on west side of city. More here.
DOJ approves XM/Sirius merger. FCC approval is pending. More here. Feds delay passport requirements for land crossings from Canada and Mexico. The new cutoff date is June 1, 2009. More here. Trucker sentenced in Union County, Florida crash that killed 7 children. Alvin Wilkerson gets 7 years in prison. More here.
Arizona cops see laptop computer as a television receiver. Driver ticketed for having laptop within his reach.  The fine; up to $450. More here. The FMCSA disagrees with the Arizona DMV. They say laptop computers are not television receivers. More here. It's over for now. Arizona to stop issuing tickets for laptop computers. The CVSA was set to discuss the issue in September but has placed a higher emphasis on defining the term 'television receiver'. More here.
Toll lanes, congestion pricing coming to Capital Beltway. Construction to be completed by 2012. More here. Diesel thefts on the rise; demand increases for locking caps. More here. Bridge re-opens in Minneapolis. The bridge on I-35 W that collapsed just over a year ago re-opened to traffic on September 17th.
FMCSA says drivers shouldn't be cited for laptop computers under TV regulation. More here. Avalon Ballroom & Axis in Boston soon to re-open as the House of Blues Boston. More here. Get the directions here. Effective July 1st, the split speed limit in Ohio is history. All vehicles will have a speed limit of 65 mph on Ohio Interstate Highways.
Note that the Ohio Highway Patrol was against the change so there will probably be a zero tolerance for trucks.
ROAD CLOSURE -- I-40 in North Carolina near the Tennessee border has been closed indefinitely due to a massive rockslide. More here. Bus/trailer combos are now illegal in NYC. Buses pulling trailers within New York City are now deemed over length and are being detained and cited. Each citation carries a $330 fine. More here. Effective January 1st, the split speed limit in Illinois will go away except for the Chicago area and the five surrounding 'collar' counties. The split speed limit will remain intact here.
Ontario & Quebec Speed Limiters required on commercial vehicles beginning January 1st. Buses are not effected by this law. Download and print the official release here. New York State... In an effort to stop oversize vehicles from entering restricted routes, the State of New York has released a brochure which highlights restricted routes and what to do if you mistakenly enter one. Download it here.  

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