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Ohio Speed Rules Memo
This is a memo from the Ohio Highway Patrol stating that it is alright for entertainment coaches to travel at the 65 mph speed limit on interstate highways in non-urban areas.
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Alliance (FMCSA) document
that ok's the use of Fritz Bjorlund's Driver's Daily Log Program.
Blue Beacon Truck Washes
has issued a letter pertaining to incorrect pricing at some of it's outlets. Download a printable copy (PDF) of the letter here.
Special thanks to Wayne Carey for this letter.
Affordable Bus/Truck Parking
Atlanta, GA
Annapolis, MD
Philadelphia, PA

Chicago, IL (near downtown)
Chicago, IL (near O'Hare)
District of Columbia bus permit provisions. Most entertainer coaches don't need a permit. The apportioned license plate is the key. Download the printable copy here. Oregon Ports of Entry
Print a copy of the Oregon DOT Ports of Entry locations and rules. Get it here
  TracStar SV360 SAT-TV System
Zero ReCalibrate Instructions (jpg)
Operations Manual (pdf)

Most of these files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

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